Feedback (9)

Dear Hua Qing, First of all, I want to say thank you very much! The feedback of the vegetable group is extremely positive. That you the group attended was a great success, because you could directly act if it was necessary. In addition, the tour guide was very good. All in all: 42 members in the group were very satisfied. Thank you again. Regards Dieter Goldmann Goldmann Touristik
Hello HQ! Our trip with you and Ron & Monyeen through China is already becoming a memory as we get ourselves back into the farm routine here in New Zealand. It is 7 weeks since Marcelle and I said our hasty farewell to you and the group in Wuhan on 22 June, but I have been wanting to thank you for your guidance of us through that amazing country of yours. Not only did you manage the tour with a great deal of professionalism with the organising of a great group of knowledgeable local guides, you were always able to solve any problem that came up, you were generous to us in all sorts of ways (that high powered spirit that you regularly offered us was marvelous stuff!), you were able to give us a very frank and candid insight into life and politics, but best of all, we did enjoy that great sense of humour.
Dear Ye, Dear Hua I am glad to announce that our group came back delighted from their tour in CHINA.
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