Thank you for a wonderful trip.

Dear Mr. Hua:

Do you remember way back in the early part of July, 2009, a white haired lady named Nancy, took your picture standing on the bridge over the Yellow River?

In fact, I took two pictures and these are the enlargements of each one. I am pleased because I think both pictures turned out very good and I hope you like them.

I am sorry to be so long in sending the pictures to you. I returned from my wonderful trip very tired and many responsibilities were waiting for me to take care of them. I am rested and everyting is now OK. Now I want the opportunity to come back to the Tibetan Plateau. I really loved it; the mountain passes, the great salt lake, the grass lands. I grew up in our own rugged Sierra Nevada Mountains, but the plateau area is even more rugged and more beautiful.

Thank you for making the first part of our trip so very wonderful. I really enjoyed it and wish there was the opportunity to get to know you better. Please let me know when you get the pictures. I never know when I send something so far away. I am sending an envelope with my address so that it will be easier for you. Sorry I do not have the proper stamps. Again, thank you for a wonderful trip.

Very truly yours

Nancy Robinson