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We hope the future holds good things for you.

Dear Hua Qing:

First Herb and I want to thank you for that very thoughtful phone call at the end of the trip.

Thank you again.

We were very glad to get home…but at night, we both dream of Tibet and all it’s beautiful colors and magic…. People ask us about the trip and we say it was life altering, meaning it changed our lives in many ways and that we know that we will probably never experience or see some of these amazing things again.

So you are right, we do miss some things and they are forever in our hearts and minds as beautiful memories of bright colors, beautiful sky, fierce wind. The YAKS, sheep…well you told us how it would stay with us and it does. So now we are resting and trying to get used to being home…it did feel strange to walk into our house after so long..And of course the 13 bags we brought home (had to buy another suitcase in China) had to all be unpacked so we could than re-experience all our travels.

So Herb and I hope all is well with you and your travels will take you to more exciting places. We hope the future holds good things for you.


Andrea and Herb David