Thank you for making our trip such an enjoyable and informative one.

Hello HQ!

Our trip with you and Ron & Monyeen through China is already becoming a memory as we get ourselves back into the farm routine here in New Zealand. 

It is 7 weeks since Marcelle and I said our hasty farewell to you and the group in Wuhan on 22 June, but I have been wanting to thank you for your guidance of us through that amazing country of yours. 

Not only did you manage the tour with a great deal of professionalism with the organising of a great group of knowledgeable local guides, you were always able to solve any problem that came up, you were generous to us in all sorts of ways (that high powered spirit that you regularly offered us was marvelous stuff!), you were able to give us a very frank and candid insight into life and politics, but best of all, we did enjoy that great sense of humour. 

Actually, Marcelle and I were able to “benchmark” your performance in guiding tours with our 5 day tour through Yunnan. The management of that tour was only mediocre compared to yours with delayed departures from hotels and ongoing problems with members’ documentation at hotels. At one point somewhere near Shangri La [Xianggelila] the tour was held up for two hours while the organisers argued about who was to pay for the increased price of diesel. The guides were friendly and helpful but they were not of the same calibre as your team of Lin, Ally, Richard Helen etc and were lost when it came to questions about the land. (We were delighted to be able to catch up with Ally again when we returned to Hohhot for the International Grasslands Congress.}

Your service, HQ, was just so much more professional and pleasant - a sincere thank you for making our trip such an enjoyable and informative one.

I’m not sure whether we will ever make it back to China in the near term, but our two children most certainly will. When they do, you will be first person they will be calling on for any assistance with tours that they may need. 

Best wishes HQ!

Kind regards

Pat & Marcelle Garden

Millers Flat

Central Otago

New Zealand