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Tibetan New Year Festival Losar & the Great Prayer Festival Monlam In Repkong (Tongren) and Ngawa (Aba)
In Tibetan Ngawa means: Men who beat drums. The old people
explain Ngawa is the first place where the King Songtsen Gampo
conferred and awarded the title to warriors during the 7th century.
For centuries, Ngawa is one of the largest nomadic areas in
Eastern Tibet. As one of the important Tibetan cities in Amdo and
the center of Tibetan culture, religion, trade and communication,
you will have a strong feeling of atmosphere of real Tibetan
culture and life here. Especially during the festival time Details...

Train Trip through Central Tibet to Far Eastern Tibet's Grassland Enjoying Two Great Festivals __The local people honoured Jyekundo as small Lhasa and more than 90% of people here is Tibetan Khampa people, one of the four Tibetan main tribes. They are strong and wild but honest and former fierce warriors of Tibet.
16 Days Khampa Tibetan Horse Race Festival Tour
This is a very special trip designed for those who love nature and are interested in different cultures to study the nomads and their arts, ritualistic festival......
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